Martha Gregory ’19

San Francisco, CA

What a lovely two weeks! It was amazing to have space and time to think, walk and work. Jason and Tricia are incredible and kind. The place is imbued with their commitment, humor and hard work. I loved waking up early, wandering the grounds and then settling into my studio for the day.


Martha Gregory is a filmmaker, editor, writer, director and professor of film at Kenyon College. She received her MFA in Film from Vermont College of Fine Arts in 2016. She edited and co-directed a short documentary called Facing the Surge which toured the country with Citizens Climate Lobby. Martha’s most recent short doc, Three Red Sweaters, won Best Documentary at Aspen Shortsfest as well as the Jacob Burns Creative Culture Award at Middlebury New Filmmaker’s Film Festival in 2017. It is a Vimeo Staff Pick and appears on Short of the Week. She was an additional editor on both One Vote, a feature doc that premiered at the Omaha Film Festival and the narrative feature Solace directed by Tchaiko Omwale which premiered at the LA Film Festival in 2018. She continues to explore visual storytelling through narrative fiction and non fiction, often working to combine the two.

On a visceral level, the intermittent quality of film is close to the way we experience the world. We don’t experience a solid continuum of existence. Intermittence penetrates to the very core of our being, and film vibrates in a way that is close to this core.

— Nathaniel Dorsky

Where to find

Work from the Open Wabi experience

Road Kill Image/Pitch Deck

A visual treatment for a feature film I'm currently writing and starting pre-production on.