Artist Residency in central Ohio

Open Wabi, located in an early-1900s furniture factory in rural Ohio, offers emerging and established artists the time, space, and environment to encourage growth and experimentation in their practice.

2018 Residency Schedule & Application Deadlines:

Installation facilities at the Artist Retreat

Be inspired and experiment
in A Unique Environment.

Open Wabi is located on 20 acres in an historic furniture factory. The environment is a mix of industrial and natural — nestled in a quaint central Ohio town. Artists have large, private studios (16ft x 30ft) and can also utilize wooded areas, pasture, and architectural remnants.

photo of one of the bedrooms for Artist-in-residence

A residency is valuable.
At Open Wabi, It’s affordable, too.

We provide everything you need for a comfortable and productive residency. And our facilities are designed without unnecessary frills, so we can keep it affordable. Private bedrooms and camping are available.

Director of the Artist Residency with an artist

Focused on the individual
In a supportive community.

In order to foster growth and build relationships, we limit the number of artists per session. Residents live, work, eat, and play together. Artists also have the opportunity to present their work, engage in critique with fellow residents, and network in a supportive environment.

What our residents are saying

  • The time at Open Wabi was an intense time of productivity while forming wonderful relationships with the fellow artists. There is an incredible creative energy that is fostered between the residents in the spaces at Open Wabi. For me, this was an important time for reflection, rest and art making.

    Edward Steffanni,
    2017 Artist-in-Residence
  • An amazing experience, Open Wabi gave me the time and space away from NYC to work on my art. I had a great studio space and beautiful scenery to use for filming. It was so fulfilling to be in a community with other artists.

    Elizabeth Tolsen,
    2016 Artist-in-Residence
  • As a multidisciplinary artist focusing on installation, I found the property and structures to be motivating and inspiring. It was refreshing to find open space and a calm environment to think in, both of which are scarce in my New Jersey/New York area.

    Jason Stewart,
    2016 Artist-in-Residence
  • My experience at Open Wabi was like a breath of fresh air. My time there exceeded my expectations and gave me the time, space, and support to explore on so many different levels. I can't imagine never having the experience I had there, it changed my art practice and my life.

    Amanda Heidel,
    2017 Artist-in-Residence

From the Director

“The direction of the residency is influenced by the experiences the artists bring to the table. We have created this space as a container for the potential of the artists — singly and as they come together.”

Jason Andrew Bowles, Director

Applying for residency

There are no specific educational requirements for application for artist-in-residence.

Application Fee: $25