Jared Wolfert ’19

Cleveland, Ohio

Open Wabi... more like the best place in the world to have a quiet studio day.


Jared (b. 1998) is a young emerging artist based in Ohio but also has studio space located in Indiana. Jared is a current student enrolled at Mount Vernon Nazarene University with expected graduation in May 2020. His work focuses on using pop culture with the goal of filtering it through the act of painting and drawing. With every mark leading to a discovery, he is captivated by how mark-making opens up new possibilities in the unknown. He seeks to create a rich history of marks and gestures, a record of the artwork’s progress, a frantic network of experience that reveals each work’s risky beginnings while allowing them to present their own successful ends.

"Inspiration Is for Amateurs—The Rest of Us Just Show Up and Get to Work"

— Chuck Close

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