Sarah Novio ’17

New Jersey


Sarah Novio (b. 1989) is an artist based in Woodbridge, New Jersey. She was born in Brooklyn and raised in Long Island, NY. She moved to Tampa, FL to receive her BFA at the University of Tampa. Shortly after, she moved back to New York to complete her MFA at the New York Academy of Art. Since then, she has done a Teaching Residency at Altos de Chavon School of Design in the Dominican Republic, and is now teaching art history and design/color theory for interior design at Berkeley College in New Jersey. Her paintings and collages explore ideas of personal narrative, family dynamic, and childhood memory.

"A work of art does not need an explanation. The work has to speak for itself. The work may be subject to many interpretations, but only one was in the mind of the artist. Some artists say to make the work readable for the public is an artist’s responsibility, but I don’t agree with that. The only responsibility to be absolutely truthful to the self. My work disturbs people and nobody wants to be disturbed They are not fully aware of the effect my work has on them, but they know it is disturbing."

— Louise Bourgeois

Where to find

Work from the Open Wabi experience

There Was Always Three

Watercolor, acrylic, and collage on canvas, 60"x60", 2017.


Up and Out

Found objects, acrylic paint and watercolor on paper.