Kate Skakel ’19

Brooklyn, New York


Kate Skakel is a Brooklyn based artist and fabricator. She graduated from the University of Vermont in May of 2016, and spent the following fall at Yestermorrow Design and Build School, studying woodworking. She then moved to New Orleans, LA which saw her practice expand into metalworking, as well as paper sculptures. In 2018, Kate moved to Brooklyn and focused her art on the exploration of intimacy, vulnerability, and strength. Kate is the sole creator of the Corroon 2D art exchange, which brought together the work of 14 artists and allowed participants to expand their art collection. She also created the Brooklyn Anglers Union, a fly fishing club that leads fishing trips throughout Brooklyn. Kate has shown work in Vermont, Chicago, Louisiana, Rhode Island, and New York.

Where to find

Work from the Open Wabi experience

How To Push Each Other

“How To Push Each Other” was created in September 2019, at Open Wabi Artist Residency in Ohio. I started this series with one piece of fabric that measured 24’x10’, and continually split it in half to see how far the material can be pushed and changed. During each iteration, I experimented with different ways to hang the fabric, creating hallways to walk through, or large pieces to lie under. I ended with 32 pieces, suspended and lit with a gradient. Each iteration asks the viewer to reassess how objects can take up space and to affirm that soft and delicate materials, such as fabric, demand as much respect and admiration as more traditional building materials like metal, concrete, marble or wood.