Chas. Foster ’12

Wheaton, Maryland


Chas. Foster lives in Wheaton, Maryland. He earned his MFA from Maryland Institute College of Art in 2012, and teaches in the International Baccalaureate Program at Springbrook High School. He has exhibited in Baltimore, New York, Tucson, Salvador da Bahia (Brasil), and wherever a tire hangs suspended, yearning for the earth’s core.

Where to find

Work from the Open Wabi experience

Ohio Cloud

Cloud of detritus + human co-pilot = equilibrium.
Maybe it was because I was making a cloud in an abandoned factory in Ohio, but I had a beautiful sorrowful Laura Viers song running through my head as I made this, and my title is a respectful acknowledgment of her contribution.
I won't steal her music, but if you'd like to hear what I was hearing I suggest you open her song in a new window, hit play, then come back here and hit play. That should sync up nicely.