We’re moving Don’s Studio

A long-time friend and colleague.

Don Boyd was one of the original artists to work at Open Wabi. He shared a studio at Open Wabi for many years with Jason Andrew Bowles and the late Crispin Webb. Boyd, a Harvard graduate with 36 years experience in art education, studied numerous successful art teaching models including Andover Academy, Wellesley College, and Black Mountain College. It was always Don’s dream to create an affordable residency program that could be an alternative to the “pricey” (as he would term it) MFA program. Don is responsible for exposing many students, colleagues, and fellow artists to the techniques and history of the Fluxus movement. It would be disingenuous to not acknowledge that Don influenced the direction of our residency through his Fluxus roots, optimistic outlook, primitive lifestyle and ever-encouraging words.

Unfortunately, Don Boyd passed in October of 2015. His personal studio, located only a few blocks away from Open Wabi, was donated to the residency by his children. In October of 2016 (on the same day as his funeral the previous year), we began the dismantling of Don’s Studio in order to move it to our facility. This was accomplished through the generous labor provided by friends, family, and two new Amish friends. Not only did it turn out to be a very poetic gesture to celebrate Don’s life, but it was very much in line with the communal experience we hope to facilitate at Open Wabi.

We hope to begin reassembling Don’s studio on the Open Wabi property, nestled in the woods, near our water tower as a future housing option for our residents. We will be updating this post as there is further progress. If you would like to donate toward its rehabilitation, please utilize our Support form.